Calafuria Dreamin’

I want you to close your eyes – ok, so not right this minute (I’ll tell you when!) – and conjure up this vision… You’re sitting at a beachside ristorante. You’ve just despatched your aperitivo, Acquasale, (a pimped up Apulian bruschetta, featuring the local Collina di Brindisi DOP extra-virgin olive oil) you have Antipasti di … Continue reading Calafuria Dreamin’

Côte de Kent

When Fuseblower was a young lad growing up in Kent his chief pursuits were fishing for perch and tench in the River Stour, watching the Cowdrey brothers demolish opposition bowlers at the St Lawrence County Cricket Ground, messing about in dinghies off Pegwell Bay, and doing his military training in Hougham Woods (ok so it … Continue reading Côte de Kent

Just A Minuty

When I think of Saint-Tropez I am put in mind of Gunter Sachs (playboy extraordinaire) cascading Brigitte Bardot with a hundred red roses, from a helicopter, as he hovered over her villa –  during their courtship; artists like Signac, Matisse and Bonnard painting in the limpid light of the peninsula (as evinced by the Bonnard … Continue reading Just A Minuty

Bella Figura

I usually associate this time of year at The Brewery in Chiswell Street, EC1 with backslapping, self-referential, corporate award events or boozy 6 Nations rugby lunches – with a host of rugby legends telling humorous anecdotes from their storied past. Well there was certainly a lot of backslapping, booze and food in evidence last week … Continue reading Bella Figura

Take A Pair Of Sparkling Wines (with apologies to W.S. Gilbert)

If there isn’t a collective noun for a select group of Hampshire Vineyards there should be! I’ll start the ball rolling with dazzle or, maybe, exaltation, even, (perchance) richesse… This thought sprung to mind as I surveyed the rapidly filling room at 67 Pall Mall and navigated my way around the elite group of vineyards … Continue reading Take A Pair Of Sparkling Wines (with apologies to W.S. Gilbert)